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Unmarried Parties

Protecting Your Rights


When you have a child and are not married, simply being named as the father on the birth certificate is not enough (by itself) to establish paternity. It is important to ensure that there is a legal determination of paternity even if the parents are together. Make sure your rights and your child’s rights are protected.

If you and the other parent are not in agreement, we can help resolve the disputes concerning your child in family mediation. It doesn’t help you or your child to spend your resources fighting over matters that will ultimately be ordered by the court, which may include a DNA test. These include time sharing, visitation, child care, certain expenses concerning your child, and the child support that is required by Florida law.


We can help you work through all of these, including a Parenting Plan. We offer the separate service of preparing all documentation needed to accomplish the legal establishment of paternity, time-sharing, and child support.

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