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Divorce Mediation 

Private and Without Litigation


Real Divorce Solutions

Most divorce cases end up at the same place after a long expensive legal battle as they could have done at the beginning. We help you get there at the start so you can use your resources to build your new lives.

By focusing on early resolution, it’s easier to see that you’re not going to be in this stage forever and that there is a path forward to your next phase in life.

RDS was founded to create a better way to help people resolve their family law issues privately, economically, and with a more positive focus.

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  •  Divorce

  •  Custody

  •  Alimony

  •  Paternity

  •  Child Support

  •  Time Sharing

  •  Parenting Plans

  •  Equitable Distribution

  •  Retirement or Pension Division

  •  House Issues / Refinancing / Sale / Foreclosure

  •  Paying for College

  •  Military Divorce Issues, Retirements, Support

  •  No Attorneys Needed

    • Everything can be handled without hiring lawyers. Your mediator is also an attorney who will ensure your settlement is legally enforceable.

  • It's Affordable
    • Mediation costs a fraction of a typical divorce case, often less than the cost to retain one lawyer to represent you.​
  • Faster than Litigation

    • Most mediations conclude in just a few sessions.

  •  Private and Confidential

    • Your private disputes will not be aired in the public court system.
  • Retain Court Rights
    • If an agreement is not reached, you still have the right to pursue a traditional divorce.

  • Compliance

    • Mediated settlements have a much higher compliance rate because the parties created the terms themselves rather than the court.​

  •  Less Stressful and Healthier

    • The decision-making process can serve as a model for future communications.​

  •  For the Kids

    • You'll spare your kids a public and protracted divorce. They will also see it was more important to work together than to fight.​

  •  Uncontested Divorce Option

    • If you reach an agreement, an Uncontested Divorce can be easily completed in a month.​

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