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Uncontested Divorce 

Private and Without Litigation

An Uncontested Divorce is a streamlined process for obtaining your divorce.

Because marriage is a legal contract, it’s necessary to have a court issue your divorce (Final Judgment of Dissolution). We prepare everything you need to get this done.


If you’re already in agreement or reach an agreement through Divorce Mediation, we can prepare all of your documents. RDS believes it’s important that your documentation is prepared by a lawyer, who can customize the paperwork to your specific circumstances. For example if you have minor children, the Court will require certain documents and details that address Child Support, Time Sharing, and Jurisdiction.


Your paperwork will be prepared by a lawyer for a flat fee, so there are no surprises.


The flat fee for an uncontested divorce without minor children is $3,000, which includes the Court filing costs. The flat fee for an uncontested divorce with minor children is $3,500, inclusive of the court filing fees.  

When we prepare your court documents, we make sure you have all the information you need from start to finish to get your divorce done quickly and correctly. This includes detailed instructions for filing the documents with the court, determining your court date, and a script with what to expect and what to say at the final hearing. This is all included in the flat fee for preparing your documents. The entire divorce can often be completed within 30 days of filing.


If you choose to pay a paralegal or other document service, you will simply receive standard fill in the blank or check the box forms that may not address your needs or circumstances. Paralegals and other non-lawyers are prohibited from providing you with legal advice or preparing non-form documents for your situation. We make sure all of your documents are done correctly.

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