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Divorce Without Lawyers

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Is this possible when we don't agree?

This is precisely what Divorce Mediation does. You don’t need to hire lawyers when you are both willing to come to Divorce Mediation. In fact, even if you have already hired lawyers, you can still try Divorce Mediation to resolve those issues. You can attend with or without your lawyers.

At RDS, the Attorney Mediator who conducts the Divorce Mediation is specially trained to help both parties negotiate the legal issues of their divorce without taking sides. If it’s a high conflict situation, this can be done separately with each party and a deal can be negotiated through the Mediator. This process can also be done online via virtual meetings.

The agreement is then written up by the Mediator and before signing, each party will have the opportunity to let it settle for 10 days or so to be sure it’s the right agreement for you before signing off. If you want to use that time to run it by a lawyer, you’ll have ample opportunity to do that as well.

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