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The Process 

Helping You Move Forward


Divorce Mediation

  • Free phone consult for both parties

  • Engagement Agreement emailed to  the parties for e-signature 

  • Mediation is scheduled.            Virtual Mediation is an option for an out of town spouse. 

  • Meet to identify the issues, areas for negotiation, and begin to work toward an agreement

  • Attorney Mediator prepares the written Settlement Agreement.

  • Both parties review and approve the Settlement Agreement. 

  • The Settlement Agreement becomes the legal basis for an Uncontested Divorce.

Uncontested Divorce

  • RDS prepares all required legal documents for the Uncontested Divorce Proceeding.

  • We provide you with clear, written instructions for filing your paperwork with the Clerk of Court and scheduling your hearing time.

  • The prepared documents will include your Final Judgment of Dissolution to submit to the judge. We include the list of expected questions from the judge regarding your divorce.

  • From the time your paperwork is filed with the Clerk of the Court, you can usually finalize your divorce in less than 30 days.

After the Divorce

  • We work with you to include post-divorce problem solving should future issues arise. This may include returning to Mediation or working with a Divorce Coach before either party can file a legal action against the other.

  • Your Settlement Agreement will have things that need to be accomplished depending on your agreement. We provide you with checklists for accomplishing the agreed items, as well as other matters such as updating your benefits plan at work or updating your wills.



Establishing Your New Life

RDS recognizes that family matters are dynamic and involve high intensity emotions. You and your children will have needs that go beyond the Final Judgment of Divorce. 

Most of us think we know what to expect and how to handle it during and after divorce. However, it seldom works out that way. Divorce Coaches can help you navigate through this particular life change.We help you navigate through this particular life change.

Divorce coaches support, motivate, and guide divorced or divorcing couples to help them make the best possible decisions for themselves and their children.

It’s hard to foresee what will happen down the road. For example, you probably can’t fully picture how you’ll feel about your former spouse having a new partner. It’s even harder to anticipate the emotions that will come up when a new partner is introduced to your children. A divorce coach can help you work out the best approach with your children and each other.

We will help you get through this. 

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