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Step 1

Divorce Mediation Service

  1. Free phone consult.

  2. Engagement Agreement emailed to both parties. Will have e-signature capability so it’s easy. Must be signed & returned before initial meeting.

  3. Schedule initial meeting – both people in person or if one is out-of-state, then possibly that person on the phone.

  4. Work together in a meeting or series of meetings to resolve the legal issues in the divorce (division of property, child issues, alimony, etc.)

  5. Attorney Mediator prepares the Settlement Agreement.

  6. Both parties sign the Settlement Agreement (which can be done remotely – office visit is not required).

Step 2

The Settlement Agreement becomes the foundation for the Uncontested Divorce

  1. Prepare all required legal documents for the Uncontested Divorce.

  2. Provide you with clear, written instructions for filing the paperwork with the Clerk of Court and scheduling your hearing time.

  3. The prepared documents will include your Final Judgment of Dissolution to submit to the judge.

  4. Once your paperwork is filed with the Clerk of Court, you can usually finalize your divorce in less than 30 days.

Step 3

After The Divorce

  1. We work with you to include post-divorce problem solving should future issues arise. This may include returning to Mediation or working with a Divorce Coach before either party can file a legal action against the other.

  2. Your Settlement Agreement will have things that need to be accomplished depending on your agreement. We provide you with checklists for accomplishing the agreed items, as well as other matters such as updating your benefits plan at work or updating your wills.

  3. We maintain a solid group of referral partners to use at your option for matters such as obtaining life insurance to guarantee child support, estate planning, or perhaps refinancing a mortgage.

When both parties can agree in advance to a post-divorce process, the tension in these situations is significantly less and can be more easily handled.

Future Problem Solving

We work with you to build into the agreement how you will resolve disputes after the divorce.

For example, children’s needs will change as they grow, and if cooperation between parents becomes fractured, your original agreement can include returning to mediation, going to a divorce coach, or other problem-solving mechanism so you’re not headed straight for court if problems flare down the road.


Modifications to alimony awards may be appropriate where you or your ex has had a substantial change of financial circumstances. This may be the loss of a job or a decrease in pay. It may also be where the need has become greater with increased expenses. Any of these may result in an increase or decrease in the payments or the length of time that payments are made. Keep in mind that as with all alimony issues, there are no specific formulas or calculations to apply and the result in court can vary significantly depending on the judge.

We don't serve as advocates for one side or another - our mission is to make your divorce as uncomplicated and as affordable as possible.


The fee for an uncontested divorce with minor children is $750. The fee for an uncontested divorce without minor children is $500.

We will ensure that you have everything you need to file. Once the paperwork is fully signed by all parties and filed with the Clerk’s office, it’s usually possible to conclude your divorce within 30 days.

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