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Divorce mediation is very simply a meeting with you, your spouse, partner, or co-parent, and the mediator. Sometimes it takes several meetings to work through the issues and reach an agreement. It is not therapy or counseling.

Florida law sees child support as a right of the child and that child support cannot be waived. It is essential to ensure this is done correctly and carried through.

Child Custody battles are incredibly emotional and challenging. The best way to address custody, also known as time-sharing, and other matters concerning your children is to work through the issues in mediation, rather than an exhausting court battle.

There are no formulas or calculations that are consistently used to make this determination and every judge sees alimony differently.  By addressing your specific circumstances privately in mediation, you will have more certainty and control over the result. 

Although many issues are the same as for married partners, there are numerous issues that are significantly different under Florida law.   If you have children together, simply being named on the birth certificate is not enough by itself to establish paternity.  Both parents can mediate parental rights & obligations, time-sharing, and child support in mediation.  Often unmarried parties own a house together and need to address ownership, obligations, etc.  These and other legal issues can be fully addressed at mediation.

If you're already in agreement and just need a lawyer to prepare the legal documents for your Uncontested Divorce, Child Support/Time Sharing, Paternity, or other separation documentation, we can do this for you.  We can also do this for you if you reach your agreement through our mediation services.

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